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Whether you are an experienced therapist or just starting out, I will provide you a holding environment; a safe space, a trusting relationship, and the guidance you need to reflect on your practice.

My thoughts  on supervision.

Supervision is both clinical and reflective.  In clinical supervision we focus on case consultation, explore therapeutic approaches, and consider directions to take in our clinical work.  Reflective supervision goes beyond clinical supervision to explore the relationships between the therapist and client and between the therapist and supervisor. 

I consider it a privilege to support therapists on their professional journeys and I am pleased to offer clinical and reflective supervision to those who are seeking to develop and reflect on their practice.  As I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the major agent of change, in my supervision I bring a particular focus to the safe and effective use of self and encourage the development of the therapeutic presence. 


My posture in supervision is one of collaboration, respect, openness, and transparency.  I strive to create a supervisory environment and relationship that is secure enough to enable therapists to address insecurities and difficult questions or issues that arise in their work.  I encourage therapists to get to know their beliefs, values, and subjective experiences that they bring to the therapy room.  I use practices that involve “unpacking” and exploring therapists’ experiences of the therapy they provide to help them become clear about their preferences in their work and to ensure that they are practicing in line with their preferred values and commitments.

Supervision Services

Individual supervision

Meeting one-on-one is an ideal opportunity to establish a secure supervisory relationship where you can be open and vulnerable to address client concerns and your self in the work as you grow and develop your clinical practice.

Paired supervision

Two therapists receiving supervision together can be powerful as it encourages you to be transparent about your work in the relative privacy of a small group-like setting.  Joining with another therapist can also be a cost effective way of accessing supervision. 

Group supervision

Supervision provided in a group format offers a unique opportunity to learn from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of other therapists.  Group supervision is typically a compliment to individual supervision though it may reduce the frequency for which one-to-one supervision is needed.  Groups of 3-8 therapists are welcome.

CRPO supervision  

I am a recognized supervisor with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).  I provide supervision to psychotherapists who are pursuing registration with the CRPO, to Qualifying Registrants, and to Registered Psychotherapists working toward independent practice.  I have also been approved to provide supervision when it is mandated by the CRPO.

**New Dates**

Clinical Supervision Group

Welcoming all therapists:

RP(Q)'s, RP's, students, new graduates, 

and other mental health professionals

Friday Group

2nd Friday of the month

9:30 - 11:00 am

(Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10)

Cost: $325.00 tax included

($65.00 per 90 minute session)

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Connect with me for a free, no obligation 15-minute conversation if you have any questions for me about my supervision services.

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