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Virtual Workshop

The Use of Self in Therapy:

With Shari Lecker M.Ed., RP

Meaningful explorations of the therapeutic relationship

The Use of Self in Therapy: 
Meaningful Explorations of the Therapeutic Relationship

The therapist’s effective use of self and the therapeutic relationship are prerequisites to successful therapeutic outcomes whether in single sessions, brief, or long-term therapies.  Research shows the therapeutic relationship to be the top factor in creating change, more than the specific therapy approach or model. It is the client’s perception of the therapeutic alliance that is responsible for most of the gains from therapy.  For good reason then, the therapist’s use of self is one of the core competencies identified by many professional Colleges and regulating bodies for the student, beginner, and experienced therapist alike.

In this workshop, I will help you to understand what is meant by use of self from a strength-based, postmodern perspective and how an effective use of self involves therapist self-awareness, self-knowledge, and patterns of interacting with clients in the therapeutic process.  Therapists need to be aware of and intentional in creating a posture that invites safety and is authentic and ethical.  I will share ideas, concepts, personal experiences and examples from my 30+ years of practicing therapy and engage participants in thoughtful discussion.  Bringing my years of commitment and passion to explorations of the relationship between therapist and client, I will assist participants to understand how to bring their whole self appropriately, and with vulnerability and transparency, into the therapy room.

In this workshop participants will:
• Explore personal discourses, assumptions, and biases
• Learn how their subjective experience can impact the therapeutic process
• Explore boundaries, the use of self-disclosure, and how to respond to client questions
• Explore privilege and power dynamics that exist within the therapeutic relationship
• Learn how to address ruptures in the therapeutic alliance
• Explore the use of self-reflection, resonance, and reflexivity
• Explore a therapeutic posture that embraces vulnerability, transparency, and presence
• Learn to make space for critical self-reflection in everyday practice


This workshop will include experiential exercises and discussions to enhance and energize your learning.

Connect to share your interest and to receive advance notice of new   dates and times.

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